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Download free programs in Delphi 7 (and 3) - 32 bit.

Delphi is a wonderful tool for writing fast windows applications, but it is complex.
Therefore these programs will be updated irregularly as I get new bright ideas.
More programs will follow. Soon, I hope.
The programs are now distributed as installing programs.
Certain programs are bilingual (english/danish), see the installing directions.
All programs work fine on windows 95 to windows 10, in 64 bit too.

I would be happy if you'll send me an email about how you like my programs
and whether you should like some things changed, and other comments.

After april 8 2014 Microsoft no longer offers updates to windows XP

Most 32-bit programs BUT NOT ALL, can run on 64-bit machines.

Sadly enough, Microsoft no longer includes winhlp32.exe from Vista and onwards.
You can still use 16-bit help files, but not 32-bits.
You can download htmlhelp.exe from Microsoft  to convert your old winhelp projects to .chm files and make new ones.
Or you can copy winhlp32.exe from XP, or read further here:


Sorry, no help yet for windows 10 in this matter.
So far I have transferred winhlp32.exe from windows XP system and have these options:
a: Drag the help file to winhlp32.exe, it is then opened and can be read.
b: run winhlp32.exe and open the help file.
c: make a batchfile containing "(path1\)winhlp32.exe (path2\)filename.hlp" and run it.
I could attempt to install winhlp32.exe, but I think I'll wait for the windows 10 version.
May it appear sooner than Trump's tax return!

VSWolfTools 2 is a packet consisting of 4 programs for modifying the data files of a Wolfenstein/Spear of Destiny mod.
They all run nicely on windows 10 - 64 bit machines in contrast to Floedit II, which otherwise is a great mod editor (except for sprite handling).
My helpfiles are a little brief and technical, so I refer to that of Floedit II, which explains everything nicely..
You may copy your possible home-made descriptions files to the VSWolfTools\VSMAPED or \VSWAPED directories and uninstall your old VSWAPED and VSMAPED programs.
The programs can handle: Wolfenstein v1.0-v1.4 and Spear of Destiny mods, full or shareware, also many code-changed mods,
   rectangular levels up to 180x180 blocks, 64x64 and 128x128 pixels graphics, floor and ceiling structures, all sprites, palettes.
In 3 of the programs you can add items to the data file.
You can always import from another datafile, for 3 of the programs from a new (or same) instance of the program using the 'App' button.
The results can be saved to the mod, but it is advisable to make a backup (filenames+'bk') of the files when asked.
   First, you may also copy all of your mod to a backup directory for safety reasons.

The programs in brief:
VSWAPED edits the VSWAP.* file  : Wall images, sprites and digital sounds.
VSMAPED edits the GAMEMAPS.* and MAPHEAD.* files : Level maps.
VSMUSED edits the AUDIOT.*        and AUDIOHED.* files  : PC sounds, AdLib sounds and  IMF music,
VSVGAED edits the VGAGRAPH.*  and VGAHEAD.* files, using VGADICT.*     : Fonts, pictures, palettes, endscreens, demos and endart (text).

This should take care of all of the normal data files.

VSWolfTools_2-u4 as exe file, update 4 -1.27 MB, updated aug 8, 2018. If you use this file to install VSWolfTools in windows 10, then if you want to save descriptions or palettes later,
you must run the programs as administrator.
VSWolfTools_2-u4 as zip file, update 4.

VSMAPED -  A level debugging and editing program.
You can edit rectangular levels with up to 180 x 180 blocks, and of course normal 64 x 64.
Open a gamemaps/maptemp file. If present, a VSWAP file is opened.
The statistics is made for counting objects, actors and doors and is not quite like in Floedit.
Each game type has a standard descriptions file for walls+objects (+floors and ceilings). You can make a new file for a favorite game yourself, I have made files for Tribute, Revival of Memories and Guns&Glory as examples.
You can mark one or more items or groups, for example 'Dogs', then all the marked items will blink on all levels.
You may choose symbols for certain items to represent them in the map.
You can edit walls, floor codes, objects and floor/ceiling structures, and level title.
Also, as control, trace a path through a level, avoiding hard objects.
You can save the level names list, level picture and level statistics.
The result of your editing can be seen in a 3D window.

New: I was so busy making additions to the program that I left some loose ends (31 in fact), among them 2 regular errors. They should be fixed now. Who knows how many left...???
Bugs fixed: Too large area for collecting statistics, Description file comments were eroded by saving.
Faster cursor in map edi
Find guards with skill levels (1,3 and 4).
Warning for unrealistic floor/ceiling tiles. It pays to remove them.
Simplified file opening.
     ---and much more-----

is an editor for VSWAP files and a development of Wolfenpack which it replaces. Walls, sprites and sounds can be replaced in the VSWAP file of practically any game derived from Wolfenstein3D or Spear of Destiny with upto 6144 pointers.
All wall and sprite images can be seen and sounds heard, and anything can be saved as bitmaps and wavefiles. You can open a special palette if needed.
The sprites are packed and unpacked by delphi routines I have made. It works for all sprites and picture sizes.
Any number of walls or sprites can be animated.
Each picture/sound has a description that is read from a text file you can edit yourself.
You can still use descriptions from Wolfenpack, maybe with a little post-editing.
In 7 minutes you can capture the palette of any mod.
There are many ways to skin a cat - and to pack a sprite. It may  be packed  'tight', saving space and allowing for more complicated sprites.
You can add new walls, and for experts: sprites and sounds. You can get 70 new walls for a shareware mod!

New: Descriptions can now be deselected.
Simplified treatment of doors.

Sprite unpacking routine--  updated may 09, 2015. update  1, includes 128x128 pixels graphics.

VSMUSED With this program you can replace chunks in the music AUDIOT.* file.
In theory you can replace anything with anything but be VERY careful not to mess up your mod. Just replace IMF music.
You can also add new IMF chunks.
VSVGAED allows you to change anything in the VGAGRAPH.* file: You can replace fonts, pictures, palettes, endscreens, demos, and endart texts.
You can't see examples of endscreens or fonts (yet), but you can replace them.
Endart is best edited in the text window.
Be careful with picture dimensions when you are making changes, the result may surprise when you play the mod.
Notice the cool ID team ->.
You can add new pictures, endscreens and endart/texts. You can choose to rearrange the chunks like in Floedit II.
SEEFILES 5.0 allows you to peek into ANY file, or compare two files.
You have access to all bytes in a file, in a straighforward way.
Find text, tables, pictures and sounds and extract them.
Disassemble parts of the file and see histograms and representations in binary.
The program works with a file copy and is therefore safe to use.
Produce a HTML report of what you find in one or more files, with pigtures and playable sounds.
A logfile shows saved files.
You get the Wolfenstein palette and some others, and a small Space Invaders game. Also, you can make palette files from game screenshots or whatever.

SEEFILES 5.0--1.1 Mb-latest update dec 26, 2008

FLYSIM 7.2 is a flight simulator which lets you fly different prop airplanes or gliders. You can loop, roll, start and land etc. Like for James Bond, the airplane can be made into a car or a speedboat as you need it.
The program is made for the 'feeling' of flying so don't expect strict accuracy.
The program starts in a flyable demo. It features car race and ambient light settings, and several landscapes and airplanes.
You can make your own airplanes and landscapes - see 'readme.txt'.
Flysim 7.2 works in all screen resolutions with a 500 MHz PC or better.
The context-sensitive help is in danish. If you delete 'flysim.lng' it will be in english. You can use old *.SCE files.
You can use analogue joysticks if you set the program to win98 mode.
You can choose from 25 propeller aircraft, mostly from WW2 and a few gliders, including a space shuttle. Factories. Monuments. Fouutains.

New: Faster action in slow-graphics PCs.
     Set the picture elements to 3-6 pixels. Bigger is faster but coarser.
     Much more color hues.
     New, more realistic mountain snow.
     Nicer-looking fog.
     ILS: Instrument Landing System.
     Simplified user interface.
     More reliable aircraft data.
     Better sounds.
     2 more airplanes: Piper Super Cub and
     Handley Page O-400, a WW1 bomber.

FLYSIM 7.2--3.0 Mb-updated feb 03, 2018.

Written in delphi 3 because the sound component is for Delphi 3 only.
Children like it.

FLYEDIT 7.2 - A graphic editor that makes it easy to edit flysim landscapes (SCE files) and make new ones.
Just draw two curves, and roads - cities - trees etc. are added automatically. You can zoom in on the maps, and view the landscape in 3D. Like for FLYSIM, you can get the hints in english by deleting the LNG files, or rewrite them in your own language. Undo/Redo in 20 levels. You can use old SCE files.

New: Comes with Flysim 7.2

VSPRINTS. You can print on A4 paper in millimeters or inches, any logarithms, polar, normal distribution and music paper,  in good quality.
The prints are monochromic in the color you choose.
First time you may print a test page and enter the printing area's measures, then further printouts will be to correct scale.
Set your printer to photo quality, the lines are thin.

VSPRINTS --326 Kb-updated jul 7, 2005



VSPUZZLE. Use .bmp-.ico-.emf-.wmf-.jpg-.jpeg-.gif pictures of any size as a puzzle and solve it by dragging the pieces to the desired positions. You can save a puzzle and continue later. Up to 1024 pieces, but cheating (showing displaced pieces in negative) is allowed.

VSPUZZLE --433 Kb-updated aug 22, 2004

PATIENCE 2.0 is a generalized patience game program.
It can handle an unlimited number of different games, because each game is defined in a separate *.PAT file. You can install to an old patience directory without altering the game statistics.
110 games are here, Canfield, Pyramid etc. You may change the name of, and/or the text in the FIRST LINE of any pat file.
Mouse-sensitive help on the moves is shown in the top bar.
Table color and card backs may be changed.
The interface language is english or danish.
You may choose some patience games as your favorites.

PATIENCE--436 Kb-updated aug 23, 2004

12 sexy card backs --262 Kb - aug 2, 2001
12 space card backs --289 Kb- oct 16, 2001
12 windows XP backs--216 Kb- sep 12, 2004

VisQuake = VISualizes QUAKE 1 savegamefiles. Also handles Hexen II.
You cannot see a map in Quake, but savegames (*.SAV) which are in the quake\id1 directory, contain a lot of information about monsters, doors, triggers, teleporters etc.
VisQuake can show them graphically as a kind of level map. You can open and close doors, take plats up and down, spot dead and surviving monsters, animate them and find secret areas.
You see triggers and what they activate, and descriptions of all entities taken from the savegame file.
Search in the file. VisQuake can be used for certain other games with a quake engine, such as Hexen II.
A little help but no walkthrough.

VISQUAKE --482 Kb-updated dec 23, 2005

RABBEL will turn ordinary texts into sophisticated nonsense.
In the intelligent person this may start new ways of thinking
about the nature of things. Otherwise beware!

RABBEL --335 Kb-updated aug 26, 2004