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This is my normal home page. Are you ready for my abnormal (hoho)?



  • 'A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man' (Jebediah Springfield).

  • I have been interested in computers since my first VIC-20, and I write my own applications in Delphi 7, an object-oriented Pascal language. You can download some on the delphi page.

  • I used to paint in oil on canvas on a course, but unfortunately my laziness forbids me to do it at home. Here are some of my creations in the gallery, I do a little drawing too.

  • I have graduated in natural sciences.
    My favorite TV series: Mythbusters,  David  Attenborough, Hairy Bikers.

  • Apart from that, I am attracted to mysticism: Shamanism, New Age, Dreams, Kabbalah etc. I see no contradiction in that.

  • I live in a small house together with my cat.
    Lately I caught an interest in cooking.
    And japanese crosswords.
    I am sorry to inform you that Rosa died nov 30, 2012 so I am single now, (but not quite).


Freeware programs in Delphi 7 dec 26, 08   Seefiles 5.0
Spil feb 01, 11 Dosbox tips
Freeware programs in Delphi 7 aug 21, 11 Flyedit 7.1 - a landscape editor for Flysim 7.1
Spil sep 02, 11 Playing Doom2 mods using Dosbox
Spil sep 24, 13 A little about LAMEDUKE
Freeware programs in Delphi 7 may 24, 14 Rabbel - update.
Freeware programs in Delphi 7 oct 13, 14 Patience - new update.
Freeware programs in Delphi 7 dec 11, 15 Flysim 7.1 - a flight simulator-update 1.
Spil apr 12, 16 How to play Duke Nukem on windows 7-10.
Vincents' ideas jul 23, 16 More ideas
Freeware programs in Delphi 7 mar 19, 17 update 9 VSWolfTools -a packet containing the editing utilities VSWAPED, VSMAPED, VSMUSED, VSVGAED for wolfenstein and spear mods.
And a little about winhlp32.exe.
Spil mar  22, 17 update 2 Krankenstein Hospital. A wolf3D mod with 39 levels.

28-04-17: Updated links page.

!!! Update 9 to VSWolfTools is now available !!!

My old XP computer is ok again, I mostly use it for handling zip files. I managed to copy winhlp32.exe from the system so that I can read *.hlp helpfiles in windows 10.
An update to Krankenstein Hospital is  released here.

At the moment I'm working on flysim, making it faster, with more colors, new trees, snow etc. Almost finished.