Known Bugs & Shortcomings.


Immediate solution
VSMAPED:  You can't transform 3-plane maps into 2-plane maps, or vice versa. Accomodate the 2-plane maps to the wanted number of levels and insert levels from the 3-plane maps one by one. Likewise for 3-plane maps.  
VSMAPED: The 13floor mod, its format a strange mixture of wolfv1.0 and wolfv1.4, is not detected as abnormal. Also some mods show spurious floor/ceiling structures. 13floor: Hard work: Clear all floor/ceiling structures up to level 59, reduce levels to 59, open, make 60 levels, open, copy level 59 to level 60, save. X
VSMAPED: The cursor picture for selecting is somewhat misleading, and a new selection doesn't erase older ones. Use the tip of the arrow. The latest selection is always used. X
VSMAPED: The program can't find actors and certain objects in a saved game. If the actor's name starts in upper case, select it and click 'enter'. X