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Galerie Vincent

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A couple of years ago I was talked into taking a course in oil painting.
My teacher is an artist himself, and so good that I came to paint like I never had suspected I could.
Here are 5 paintings in my favorite surrealistic style.

My first effort was that of copying one half of a painting by Salvador Dali.

My girlfriend wanted to buy a plaque she saw in a catalogue. "I can paint that" I said, and so we saved some money.

One night I dreamt that I walked along a road in a shining landscape, and in the hovering steel sphere I found symbols for every religion in the world. Soon I realized that none of them suited me, then I dropped down through the ground, and woke up.

My girlfriend once dreamt about a child sitting in a glass pyramid in lotus posture, and an endless row of all sorts of people passed by and worshipped the child.

A fantasy landscape, a little Tolkien-like maybe?

I have also made drawings for fun for many years. A few samples...

In the days of the Cold War you might probably see a soviet athlet like this?
It was in the news that scientists were searching for the Abominable Snow Woman...What if they found her?
They never make an announcement for beer that realistic.
We once had 2 cats (mother and son).
They say: "The kitchen roll's enemy no. 1"......"-and 2".

These people communicate using signal flags. You can learn them yourself here.
The legend is not quite readable, but it is summarized in
Another fantasy landscape.