Sep 10-19: Known Bugs & Shortcomings.


Immediate solution
VSMAPED:  Regenerate lost or corrupted mapheadfile
  if the maps have intact !ID! tags and is edited mostly 1 time
  with VSMAPED update 9.
None if too few levels. But remember to take backup!   X
*VSMAPED: False search markings in the level picture when a wall ID is equal to an object ID+256.
*Search on typed text does not work
*All statistics are correct. If the problem arises don't search in categories like 'weapon'.  Search as single items like 'machine gun' the items lists I hope to get the categories straight pretty soon.
*For objects: Write the name into the classes file and search.
VSMAPED: Objects with ID= 255*256 and larger cannot be handled. None right now. X
VSMAPED: Problems with editing levels that are not in sequence. Only in Wolf1V alpha. You can view the maps but not edit them (but why should you?)
Until other out-of-sequence mods turn up I will leave the matter here.